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Nebraska Department of Economic Development

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development woks with Development Districts to promote business, community, and housing development programs, and address community needs that will help communities grow and become sustainable.

County/Community Development – Communities cannot develop or grow without basic elements in place, including clean drinking water, ultra-safe sewer and wastewater disposal systems, barrier-free sidewalks and public facilities, navigable streets and roadways, quality day care and senior care centers, vital emergency services and the comprehensive planning that makes these services and more possible. The department’s programs offer communities financial and technical assistance to address their specific projects at the time when help is most needed.

Business Development – Many companies in the U.S. and around the world have discovered that Nebraska offers the ideal location, quality workforce, and positive economic environment for a variety of industries and business endeavors. Our balanced economic base and vast market potential have provided a profitable home for entrepreneurial start-ups to five Fortune 500 Companies.

Housing – The Nebraska Affordable Housing Program provides grants to non-profits, local governments, and public housing authorities.  The Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund is a state financial resource developed in 1996 to increase the supply and improve the quality of affordable housing in Nebraska.


USDA Rural Development

USDA Rural Development in Nebraska offers various programs to improve the economy and quality of life in rural America.  USDA’s financial programs support such essential public facilities and serves as water and sewer systems, housing, health clinics, emergency service facilities, and electric and telephone service.  USDA promotes economic development by supporting loans to businesses through banks, credit unions and community-managed lending pools.  They offer technical assistance and information to help agricultural producers and cooperatives get started and improve the effectiveness of their operations.  USDA provides technical assistance to help communities undertake community empowerment programs.

Center for Rural Affairs

Center for Rural Affairs (CFR)/Rural Enterprise Assistance Program (REAP)

The Center for Rural Affairs (CFR) and Rural Enterprise Assistance Program (REAP) work to establish strong rural communities, provide business assistance and funding resources, promote social and economic justice and environmental stewardship and genuine opportunity for all while engaging people in decisions that affect the quality of their lives and the future of their communities.


Nebraska Development Network Central Region

As one of seven Development Networks in the State of Nebraska, the Nebraska Development Network – Central Region, is a group of development service providers in Central Nebraska who work together to better meet the needs of our constituents.  CNEDD counties served by the NDN-Central Region: Blaine, Custer, Garfield, Greeley, Hamilton, Howard, Loup, Merrick, Sherman, Valley and Wheeler.


Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC)

NBDC helps Nebraska businesses grow and create new jobs. They provide consulting and educational services to small and mid-sized businesses. Many services are free to the business owner or entrepreneur, and all are confidential and impartial. By helping build and grow successful businesses, NBDC contributes to Nebraska’s high quality of life.


Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA)

NIFA provides Nebraskans a broad range of financial resources for homeownership, rental housing, agriculture, manufacturing, medical and community development endeavors.  NIFA also provides technical assistance for activities related to these areas, while preserving and growing the asset base used to provide these resources.


Nebraska Housing Developers Association (NHDA)

The Nebraska Housing Developers Association (NHDA) works to champion affordable housing.  The Association provides services through three areas of strategic focus – Technical Assistance and Training; Awareness and Advocacy; and Collaborative Housing Initiatives.

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Economic Development Administration

Established under the Public Works and Economic Development Act (PWEDA) of 1965, as amended (42 U.S.C. § 3121 et seq.), the Economic Development Administration has helped communities generate jobs, retain existing jobs, and stimulate industrial and commercial growth for more than 45 years.

As the only federal government agency focused exclusively on economic development, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) plays a critical role in fostering regional economic development efforts in communities across the nation.