Nuisance Code Enforcement


All Nebraska counties and municipalities have been delegated the power to enact zoning ordinances.

As part of its zoning ordinance, Nebraska counties and municipalities’ power regarding nuisances is outlined in Nebraska Revised Statutes §§ 18-720; 18-722; and 23-174.10 (see explanations of each below). However, the act of enforcing these ordinances is often time consuming for rural communities.

The Central Nebraska Economic Development District provides Third-Party Nuisance Code Enforcement services to communities on fee-for-service basis. This program is being offered in communities across the state by established Economic Development Districts that serve specific regions of the State.

Central Nebraska communities that have partnered with CNEDD and CNHED to enforce their nuisance ordinances include:

  • City of Ainsworth
  • Village of Stuart
  • Village of Taylor

If your community is interested in learning more about the CNEDD Nuisance Code Enforcement Program, let us know! 

Statutory Summary:

Nebraska Revised Statute § 18-720 empowers counties and municipalities to define, regulate, prevent, and remove nuisances in their specific geographic locations in the state of Nebraska.

Nebraska Revised Statute § 18-722 permits counties and municipalities to rehabilitate, remove, repair, or to deal with the nuisance as defined in the notice sent to the owner of the property. The second part of the statute outlines that the cost of rehabilitating, removing, repairing, etc. must be submitted to the county or municipality. It further clarifies what the county or municipality can do to recover the cost associated with rehabilitating, removing, repairing the nuisance, etc.

Nebraska Revised Statute § 23-174.10 permits counties and municipalities to make regulations to promote public health, safety, and welfare which includes the removal of nuisances so long as the regulations are not inconsistent with Nebraska state law. All county or municipality regulations must be agreed upon by the county board.