Business Assistance and Training

Small Business Marketing Resiliency Training Program - 

The Central Nebraska Economic Development District (CNEDD) is accepting ‘applications’ from businesses within our 14-county District, to be part of our Small Business Marketing Resiliency Training Program delivered by GROW Nebraska Foundation. The District will be investing in 16 small businesses in our region through CARES Act funding received from the Federal Economic Development Administration. *There is no fee for participation, however a follow-up report after training is required by all participants.

The overall reaching purpose of this project is to support rural entrepreneurs and businesses in the CNEDD District to create sustainable incomes and successful businesses which will, in turn, drive economic growth and development in the local community. Specifically, this Program will provide technical assistance in e-Commerce business to help small businesses harness the benefits of digital marketing through on-line sales which will increase revenue, stability and longevity for the business. There are many available services that are included for a 1-year duration period.

For more information, and to download the application, click the button below!

Business Plan Basics - 

Business Plan Basics Training is a program designed for small business owners. It consists of five, hands-on, exploratory sessions that cover a wide range of topics:

  • Marketing
  • goal setting
  • financial management
  • advertising/promotion
  • customer relations

The three main points everyone should walk away with are:

  • knowing customers
  • targeting customers
  • financing the business

A business would be nothing without customers and financing is a cornerstone in the business building world. Each topic is covered in-depth and teaches you how to push your business forward.

There have been two of these courses held, one in O’Neill and one in Loup City. The feedback from these has been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what a few people had to say.

Loup City Business Plan Basics

  • “[This course has] lots of good stuff for someone who is just starting out. Good base starting point for an entrepreneur.” – Jennifer Smydra, CPA Stuart, NE
  • “It helped me organize my finances, so they aren’t as scattered as before. Financing in a new business is big! It’s well worth attending.” – Andrew Iske, #1 Lawn Care, Loup City, NE
  • “Helping businesses be successful, cost friendly, and worth attending.” – Jeff Harrington, Maschka's Sausage Shop, Ashton, NE

O’Neill Business Plan Basics-

  • “Meeting with other entrepreneurs allowed us to share ideas and it gave me tools to build a great business plan. Just enter into the course with a clear vision in mind, so you aren’t scattered everywhere.” – Amy Seger, Wildflower Grocer, O’Neill, NE

Anyone who owns or works in a business, from tax services to lawn care, could learn a thing or two from this class. Better marketing strategies, keeping track of finances, and building your customer base are all explained through this course. Turning your goals into reality is a major focus of this course.

Sometimes its best just to go over the basics. It’s good for a refresher every now and then, and who knows, you might learn something new! If you are interested in having this course come to a town near you, feel free to let us know.