Central Nebraska Economic Development District partners with South Central Economic Development District to bring you the HomeNE seminars and webinars. 

The HomeNE Learning Network is designed to connect and engage rural community leaders with one another and explore innovative approaches to housing development and redevelopment.  The long-term goal of HomeNE is to foster the development of local expertise to successfully assess and address their housing needs.

Through our educational sessions, we hope to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to fulfill your organization/community goals and create a better Nebraska!

Housing Study Lite Toolkit

What is the Housing Study-Lite Toolkit?

The Housing Study-Lite Toolkit was developed by the Nebraska Joint Housing Economic Development Initiative (JHEDI) to empower community leaders to engage in self-learning and take the initial steps to tackle a housing challenge within their respective communities.

The Toolkit contains surveys, Access database for data entry, and process recommendations that can be utilized by small, rural communities to implement self-information gathering of the current housing conditions and needs.

2024 HomeNE Webinar Schedule
3rd Thursday of each month @ 2:00 pm CST