The success of our Rural Nebraska communities lies in our youth and young families.  Learn how communities are teaching students to run a business, while providing a valuable service to their communities.  We can all learn from the dedication and commitment of these innovative projects to make a difference in other Rural Nebraska communities:


Village of Arnold—Housed within Arnold High School, award winning School House Graphic Products (SHGP) is both a self-sustaining company and a program of study, where students receive course credit for what they learn about technology, design, and business. In partnership with Mid-Plains Community College, students are able to earn college credit through their involvement with SHGP.  During their one hour a day in class, students at SHGP produce signage, trophies, furniture and other products for paying clients, with all profits going back into the company.  To learn more about this successful school-to-business venture is working, click on the link below.


Village of Cody—Five years ago, going to the grocery store wasn’t a simple affair for the residents of Cody. It took nearly 90 minutes for a round-trip excursion to get groceries. Today, the student-run Circle-C Market grocery store which opened in May 2013, keeps the 150-person town of Cody on the map.  The idea for a school-run grocery store came out of a conversation at a teachers meeting, where attendees brainstormed ideas to grow the city and the school. Cody-Kilgore teachers Tracee Ford and Stacey Adamson noted that families were often deciding between the schools in Cody and Valentine and the families chose Valentine because of the in-town grocery store.  Click on the link below to learn how school students are positively impacting Cody.