CNEDD Elects New Board Chairperson

20 Mar CNEDD Elects New Board Chairperson

CNEDD Elects New Board Chairperson
Thomas Ellermeier, a resident of Bassett and a Rock County representative, was elected to serve as Chairperson of the Central Nebraska Economic Development District at the Board’s February 28, 2018, meeting. Thomas (or TJ as he likes to be called), has served on the CNEDD Board of Directors for a number of years, and has played a vital role in the oversight and direction of the District.  There are exciting times coming for our Central Nebraska region, and we look forward to continued success of the district through TJ’s leadership.
Many Thanks to Nikki Schwanz
Nikki Schwanz stepped down as the long-time Chairperson of the CNEDD Board of Directors on February 28 . Nikki’s played a key role in moving the district forward as we developed the partnership with the Central Nebraska Housing and Economic Developers (CNHED), who serves as the non-profit partner with the district. In fact, she also served on the CNHED Board before she began serving on the CNEDD Board. We are grateful for Nikki’s tremendous leadership as the CNEDD Chairperson for the past five years, and are pleased that she will continue to serve as a board director.
New CNEDD Director Appointed
Kyle Kowalski, a representative for Loup City on the CNEDD Council of Officials, was voted by the board of directors on February 28 to serve on the CNEDD Board. He will be filling a board of director position that recently became vacant. Kyle has been an active participant in CNEDD Council of Officials meetings since his appointment by the city of Loup City, and has attended several CNEDD-sponsored events. Welcome Kyle to the Board!!!


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