Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Forum Report

03 Aug Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Forum Report

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Economic Forum Report

         Broken Bow was the site for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Economic Forum, held June 27-29, 2017.  This 3-day event was organized by Central Nebraska Economic Development District and Custer Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with the Federal Reserve.

        The event kicked off on June 27th with a welcoming reception for Federal Reserve guests by the Custer Economic Development Corporation.

        June 28 and 29 found a busy schedule where Federal Reserve guests received a tour of Sargent Pipe, Nebraska’s Small Manufacturer of the Year. The rest of the day’s events went as follows, with over 100 people participating:

  • Luncheon Meeting with Broken Bow businesses, bankers, Chamber       of Commerce, community leaders, economic development –  Discussion on what drives the economy in the region and what the barriers are to growth
  • CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) for Workforce and Economic Development session presented by Dell Gines, Senior Community Development Advisor Omaha Branch, and Ariel Cisneros, Senior Community Development Advisor Denver Branch.  The session covered CRA requirements that banks have to engage in community development activities, and how banks can receive credits for those activities.
  • Dinner and Economic Forum, presented by Nathan Kauffman, Asst. VP, Economist and Omaha Branch Executive.  Discussed state and national policy, especially when it comes to agriculture which is so vital to Nebraska’s economy, and to share their goals of representing the needs of rural communities when addressing national policy in WDC.
  • Career Education presentation by Custer County’s CAPABLE Program, and presentation by Nicole Connelly, Community and Public Affairs Specialist of the Federal Reserve Omaha Branch about Career Education Tools for all ages of youth.

        The Central Nebraska Economic Development would like to thank the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City for visiting Central Nebraska to learn what the needs and drivers are for our economy, in order to make policy recommendations that have a positive impact on our future.  We would also like to thank Custer Economic Development Corporation for their partnership in organizing this event.



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